Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hot Apple Pickin'

Having moved from hot-weather TX to mild-weather DF, we are excited to be in the Mid-Atlantic for its full 4 seasons. We were so anxious to usher in autumn in fact, that we headed to a local orchard to pick apples on Labor Day weekend.

Mama and baby, armed and ready.

Apples, sweat, and mosquitoes.

We also met up with Bookie and Michelle for an outing to the National Zoo. Since it was a holiday the crowds were out in force. But a nice thing about DC is that everything is free so it's never a big deal to cut out early and come back another day. We tried the monkey house...

Not pictured: Bookie & Michelle (d'oh!)

Later on he gave us the finger.

Eventually we just visited cows.

We also got to celebrate the 1st birthday of Ivan's DF buddy William, who is in DC while his folks train like we do.

The funny hat fits!

Let's party!

Back at the homestead, we continued to enjoy our backyard as the summer fades.