Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ain't no party like a Chrismakah party

Okay so not much has been going on lately, thus the lag in blog updates. Believe it or not, not every one of our weekends are filled with fantastic excursions to exotic locales. Lately it seems all we do is go to Christmas parties. The first was at the house of one of our bosses, who apparently does it up every year. In honor of December 7, he made special Mexican-style kamikaze drinks -- borderline inappropriate perhaps, but they were tasty. And this being Latin American, every party features salsa dancing:

Those were the hosts on the right.

That kid is totally not dancing.

Next, a colleague and neighbor of ours had a Puerto Rican style Christmas dinner at her house and by some almost biblical miracle, this one young lady in the course of a single day created a spread to feed about 40 people.

Ignore the girl. Look at the food.

Afterwards we played that Secret Santa game where people take turns selecting gifts and those who pick later have the option to steal gifts from those who picked before (I believe the very un-P.C. term is "Chinese Christmas"?). It was actually a lot of fun, and the best part was a little girl opting for a giant bottle of Kahlua and yelling out, "This is for you, mommy!"

The very next day, we had a multi-cultural experience when our overboss had the office over to his place for a Chanukah party. We had all the traditional foods (mmm, latkes...) and then sang the traditional songs at sundown.

Bossman explains it all.

"I don't know what I'm saying but it's very moving."

This party involved yet another gift exchange from which we came away with a pair of souvenir shotglasses (hooray booze!). We're proud to say that our contribution of a Mexican sombrero in Chanukah blue-and-silver was the big hit of the day.

Finally, the boss of all our bosses had everyone in the entire section over to his house for the "official" office Christmas party. Being the world's biggest Christmas fan, Sasha was heavily involved in the planning for this one and it was a big success.

Supervisors were marked with the horns of beasts.

This being Mexico, there was of course a pinata...

Not pictured: the pinata.

The boss of all bosses played Santa...

Candy and Christmas is usually all that kids need.

So anyway that's about it for now. This weekend we have yet another holiday event to attend and then the big day is right around the corner. Mom and Pop Moreno will be in town for that so stay tuned for exciting photos of retirees!

And just for the hell of it, there's this guy we saw the other day: